Surface Coating

Epoxy Coatings will preserve your surfaces while Enhancing its appearance

Transform Your Concrete and other Hard Surfaces into your “Happy Place”

“Ron you Rock, what you did for us is amazing. This job looks wonderful. Keep up the great work”

-Ken and LeeAnn Menut-Etters, PA


Is Your Concrete Chipped, Stained or Simply Deteriorating?

Concrete and other hardsurfaces can become ugly and broken due to age, seasonal damage and even leaky car fluids.

Instead of looking at the same boring and broken space, transform it. Isn’t it time you restore your space into something impressive and inviting?

MOY’s floor coatings for concrete can turn your concrete into a space that you can be proud of and want to spend time in. A space that reflects ‘YOU’.

We have helped oodles of clients improve the value and appearance of their indoor and outdoor spaces.

Our clients satisfaction is the upmost important to us. This is why an emormous amount of our clients come to us through previous client referrals. 

Decorative Coatings For Concrete

decorative floor coatings


The Flake Coating System

A perfect solution for Residential garages, poolside, patios. Commercial kitchens, medical facilities, kennels. Industial interior walkways. This floor will resist chemical spills and is easy to clean. These versitile floor coatings for concrete offer custom colors and textures.

MOY floor coatings for concrete


The Metallic Epoxy Coating System

A perfect solution for Residential interior is Epoxy floors and counter tops. Commercial salons, spas, retail showrooms. Theses versitile decorative floor coatings offer customizable color combinations are durable and easy maintenance.


Solid Pigments

The Solid Color Pigmented Epoxy

Is perfect for a Residential basement. Commercial airport hangers or office buildings. Industrial warehouse space or laboratories. These solid color Epoxy floor coatings protect and strenghthen your surface and come in a high gloss, satin or matte.

concrete floor coatings in york pa


The Quartz Coating System

Is a perfect solution for Residential patios, pool decking, driveways. Commercial locker rooms, pools, kitchens. Industrial hospitals, schools, food processing. This versitile coating is the answer to slip resistant epoxy coating and decorative outdoor needs. Custom colors are available. 

How it works:

Dramatically change the appearance of your Concrete

4 Easy Steps to happiness

1) CALL OR EMAIL: Discuss ideas for your space, go over product and color options

2) FREE ESTIMATE: Information gathering, collect size and pictures of your space

3) EASY INSTALLATION: Discuss preparing space, set installation date

4) UPGRADE SPACE: Enjoy your new transformed Decorated Concrete Surface

Reasons to Choose MOY Surface Coating

Professional Grade Products

Highest Quality Product and Application. We use nothing but professional grade products. This combined with taking the necessary steps to concrete surface prep with grinders for the best product adhesion

Premium Workmanship

We have the experience. We fully analyze your floor to know what product you will need. Plus, the know-how when it comes to the pre-filling and patching to create a smoother surface and bring back that newer look and feel

An Extensive Commitment

We can say that our basecoat product will give a 15 year warranty. That's about 5x longer than you'll normally find. Together with our dedication to your 100% satisfaction is surely difficult to match

Are you wishing your space was more inviting?

You could continue to live with plain looking concrete that’s either an aging embarrassment or a chipping and stained up eye sore or…

Would you rather turn your inadequate or damaged concrete space into something that is protected and beautifully enhanced?

By installing epoxy floors, you’ll finally have a space that you love spending time in. If you’re like most people, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner

MOY Will Make Sure it's Done Right!

We've helped these people upgrade their space with Decorative Floor Coatings:


These Decorative Floor Coating Systems are a perfect option for high foot and car traffic. We use superior products that have a record of proven strength, durability and are long lasting. Each are easy to maintain-no waxing or polishing required.

What sets us apart from the others:

Custom Consultation

As part of applying a custom surface for every client, we take time to discuss and provide all of the neccessary steps for your desired result.


We don’t take short cuts. We follow the proper steps from the begining. Starting with grinders to prep your surface. This will extend the life of your newly enhanced space.


We are able to professionally analyze the problem areas of your hard surfaces so that proper products are being applied for the best outcome.


Our technicians are not only professionally trained but they are certified trainers for the products that we use.


We only use quality products that are known for their long-term strength and durability.

Perfect Combination

We do install complete systems for that perfect chemical combination, not a variety of cheap products that would only end in a failed project.


Our basecoat products come with a 15 year surface adhesion warranty from the manufacturer. Not just the 2-3 year warranty that you will usually find.


Consultation comes from an installer not a sales person so you can speak to someone that knows the product, not just trying to make the sale.


100% Satisfaction is important to us.

Most Frequent Epoxy Questions and Answers

You could buy Epoxy from a big box store but in the end you wouldn’t be saving money. You’re not just buying the Epoxy and applicators. Surface preparation before installation is the main step to getting Epoxy to properly adhere to any surface. This means renting grinders and safety equipment like the CHM Hepa Vac and a respirator mask. After adding up the cost of product, rentals and considering the life of DIY products, it doesn’t make sense attempt it as a DIY project.

Applying Epoxy Coatings requires more finese. Painting is totally different and here’s why:  Epoxy has multiple components and contains a chemical reation. Due to the makeup of those components application can be tricky because you’re working on a timer, aka Epoxy Pot Life. Various Epoxy’s have different timers.  Plus, choosing the right product you’ll need to consider the density (hardness) of your concrete or other surface and moisture levels.

My question to you is: How can you not afford it? 1) By properly sealing and coating your space you’ll be protecting and extending the life of the surface. 2) If your concrete space is in need of repair it will only continue to worsen causing an even higher repair expense. 3)If you’re looking to upgrade to something new, when you compair the price of other options like tile, laminent and ceramic generally they’re even more expensive even though they don’t last as long when comparing to a professionally installed grade of Epoxy.

The old saying “You’re going to get what you pay for” rings true when it comes to comparing our surface coating products vs what you will find at a big box store or a hardware style retail store. The difference will simply be in the qualty when you comparing the level of scratch resistance, hardness and even UV stability.

We aren’t just trying to sell you. We have the experience, knowledge and honesty to tell you what will work for the surface that you want to coat. Whether it’s a indoor, outdoor or counter top. Will you need something water resistant, if so how many pounds? What about UV stable or heat resistant? How hard or scratch resistant will be needed? We want your space to look great for a long time and be functional.