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You can trust that we are not just a fly-by-night, in/out and never heard from again business. We are a fully vested, Top Epoxy Coating Company in York, PA. Besides premium Epoxy installations. We teach/train others to become certified Epoxy installers.

We also have an Epoxy Distribution Business. Therefore have the experience to answer any of your questions about best product chioces and the best epoxy applications for your situation.

We often get asked, “Why does someone want to do the labor part if you already distribute products and assist contractors”? I’ll tell you that the best parts of the Concrete Coating Company is to see a projects transformation from the begining to completion. Plus,the feeling you get when you hear clients say “Wow, this is great! It even turned out better than I had pictured” 

MOY has helped a large number of home owners, just like you, improve the look and value of their indoor/outdoor spaces. We're looking forward to helping you bring the life back into yours as well.

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